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Behçet’s disease

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Cognitive Functioning in Behçet’s Disease

2016-07-13T09:15:41+01:00 2010-12-17|Categories: Doença de Behçet|Tags: , , , |

Sara Cavaco, Ana Martins da Silva, Pedro Pinto, Ester Coutinho, Ernestina Santos, Andreia Bettencourt, Claudia Pinto, Alexandra Gonçalves, Susana Silva, Filomena Gomes,a Luisa Carvalho,c,e Claudia Pereira, Berta Martins, Joao Correia, and Carlos Vasconcelosa The impact of Behc¸et’s disease on higher cognitive functions is still poorly understood. We proposed (1) to characterize the neuropsychological profile of Behc¸et’s disease patients with (Neuro-BD) and without (BD) neurological manifestations; (2) to identify which clinical, [...]

New Insights of HLA Class I Association to Behcet Disease in Portuguese Patients

2016-07-13T09:21:08+01:00 2008-1-17|Categories: Doença de Behçet|Tags: , , , |

Andreia Bettencourt, Clara Pereira, Luísa Carvalho, Cláudia Carvalho, José Vaz Patto, Marina Bastos, Ana Martins Silva, Rui Barros, Carlos Vasconcelos, Paulo Paiva, Luciana Costa, Paulo P Costa, Denisa Mendonça, João Correia, Berta Martins Silva Abstract Background: Behçet’s disease (BD) is a systemic vasculitis of unknown aetiology. Genetic factors and infectious agents seem to be implicated in the aetiology and pathogenesis [...]