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Clinical correlates of a subset of anti-CENP-A antibodies cross-reacting with FOXE3p53-62 in systemic sclerosis

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Arthritis Research & Therapy 2013, 15:R72 doi:10.1186/ar4249 Federico Perosa (federico.perosa@uniba.it) Elvira Favoino (elvira.favoino@uniba.it) Giovanna Cuomo (Giovanna.CUOMO@unina2.it) Liboria Digiglio (l.digiglio@alice.it) Franco Dammacco (francodam@dimo.uniba.it) Marcella Prete (marcella.prete@uniba.it) Gabriele Valentini (gabriele.valentini@unina2.it) Vito Racanelli (vito.racanelli1@uniba.it) Abstract Introduction: In a subset of patients with limited cutaneous (lc) systemic sclerosis (SSc), antiCENP-A antibodies (Ab) cross-react with a peptide (FOXE3p53-62) that presents striking homology with one of the 2  immunodominant epitopes of [...]

Increased incidence of pregnancy complications in women who later develop scleroderma: a case control study

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Linda van Wyk, Jacolien van der Marel, Annemie JM Schuerwegh, Anne A Schouffoer, Alexandre E Voskuyl, Tom WJ Huizinga, Diana W Bianchi and Sicco A Scherjon Abstract Introduction: Studies have shown that fetal progenitor cells persist in maternal blood or bone marrow for more than 30 years after delivery. Increased trafficking of fetal cells occurs during pregnancy complications, such [...]

Interesse da Capilaroscopia periungueal no diagnóstico do Fenómeno de Raynaud

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Usefulness of Nailfold capillary microscopy in the diagnosis of Raynaud’s phenomenon Lélita Santos, Isabel Fonseca, Maria Helena Saldanha Resumo A Capilaroscopia periungueal (CPU) é um exame simples e não invasivo que permite observar os capilares. O Fenómeno de Raynaud (FR) pode ser a manifestação de uma patologia sistémica subjacente pelo que teria muito interesse a existência [...]